The Great Gatsby – Chapter one

Right at the beginning of chapter 1 we meet Nick, he is our narrator and claims to be non-judgemental but we soon learn that he really is. He moved to West Egg, Long Island which is just outside of New York to learn the Bond Business. He was going to his 2nd cousins house for dinner, her name was Daisy but we first meet Tom, her husband. Tom is described using quite negative words like; arrogant, cruel, gruff, husky and enormous. This is were we realised that Nick is quite judgemental because none of these words give off a kind or nice feeling and its not a very fair explanation of a person if all the words are negative. Nick and Tom are outside and enter the house to see Daisy and Jordyn Baker sitting on the couch in white dresses. My opinion of Daisy at the end of the chapter is that she is very annoying and a lot like a little kid but wise at the same time or maybe just not stupid because when we are told about ‘the baby’ and she tells Nick that she wants her daughter to be a fool, because there was nothing else for a woman to do in that time and she wouldn’t realise all the horrible things that went on in the world. Daisy herself had nothing to do, she waited for the longest day of the year. She is described by Nick as lovely, passionate, charming, sad and ecstatic.

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  1. Trinity, there are some good thoughts here! Remember to support your points with evidence from the text- how do you know something? What has made you form that specific opinion of a character?

    Please ensure you publish your other work on your blog so we can give feedback to you.

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