A best friend is a treasured gift, a prize beyond compare, someone whos shares the bad and good you know is always there. A best friend listens patiently to every word you say but most of all a best friend like you in every way.

When i lived in Australia there was this one girl Alyssa and we got on like a house on fire, were inseparable and when i wasn’t with her, people would say where’s your other half and it was so  true she was apart of me and we did everything together the bad and the good. One day i called her because i knew she had a lot going on and a lot to deal with at the time and i was really worried about, i just had a gut feeling something was wrong and i had to make sure she was ok, we talked for a couple of hours, but not until later did i realized how important that particular phone call really was. When it was my last day at my old school she wrote this big letter kind of thing for me and we were both crying and as i was reading it, it mention the day I called her and that i she might not have been here today without me, and I was really confused and asked her about it, and she told me that when i called her she was about to end it all cause she couldn’t handle everything that was going on, she said she had the pills in her hand and she was sitting on her bed and then her ringtone cut through the silence and when i was talking to her about everything she realized she could pull through and that she could work things out and that i would always be there for her. The point of this is that you don’t know how much of an influence you are on people, and that you can really make a difference, i know i saved her life and she definitely saved mine. This is a quote one of my really good friends gave to me that she got from one of her best friends and it’s 

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