Gatsby project

I can see why Gatsby wanted erase the past with Tom and that, and I guess I can relate to it, because I mean when you have something special with someone, you don’t want anything to do with relationships or flings they’ve had in the past and you don’t want to be reminded or know about any of it you just want it gone, cause man it’s like a constant stabbing in your chest, like why can’t she just disappear? why can’t that have never happened and for Gatsby, he just wanted Tom and anything to do with him gone. Gatsby would’ve seen the newspapers and been reminded over and over again that it was Daisy AND Tom. Like if you see a photo from a while ago, or not that long ago and you can see that what they had was real by the way they are looking into each others eyes and that moment is forever frozen in time always there to remind you, a constant knocking at the back door just waiting for a chance to come and take him away from you. But maybe if you loved someone that much and they loved you that much too, you wouldn’t feel that threat, but maybe you would because you be even more scared of losing them and you would do anything to not let that happen




side note

Maybe i related it a little bit too much to myself and it might be a little bit intense and you could say the same kind of thing from toms point of view also it might be a little off track

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